Latest Feature Releases (May 2021)

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Improved DataDog Dashboards

May, 2021
At PubNub, we believe that the best improvements to our product are those based on customer feedback. That’s why we’re  launching an update to our DataDog dashboards to provide our customers with even more insightful information about their app usage. 
Here’s what’s new:
  • Summary metrics about total usage and client errors
  • Regional service usage for all 5 PubNub regions (us-east-1: Virginia, us-west-1: California, eu-central-1: Frankfurt, ap-northeast-1: Tokyo, ap-south-1: Mumbai)
  • Metrics about the percentage of error rate vs. total messages
  • Max requests-per-second (RPS) for the selected time period and respective RPS change from the same period in the previous day
  • Separated section for client errors, including error percentage of total requests and separated chat for client unauthorized requests
  • Function breakdown by inbound and outbound requests and respective errors
  • Push notification requests

Please note, DataDog dashboards are only available to customers on Platinum support plans. If you’re interested in adding them,
please contact our team.

Improved Operational Dashboards for Premium Support Customers

May, 2021
We have updated the operational dashboards provided to our Premium Support customers. Our new reports provide improved 'at-a-glance' information on usage and errors, and use a Green/Yellow/Red color coding to make it easy for operators to quickly identify possible problems. This dashboard provides new operational information on our Push Notification Service and details on errors generated by the Functions and Access Manager services, which are typically issues that customers can resolve on their own. Please contact Support for more information.
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