Data Stream Analytics

Realtime insight into your most important usage metrics.

Key Features
Instant Insight

Track usage metrics with realtime charts & graphs.

Usage by Key

See differentiated usage split by key.

Usage by Channel

See differentiated usage split by channel.

Geographic visualization

Realtime mapping of data streams.

Included for Free

No extra charge for using Analytics 🙂

What’s Included:
Live Monitoring –

Know exactly what’s happening in your data streams, in realtime.

Project EON –

Open source charting and graphing tools from PubNub make building custom visualizations easy.

Raw Data –

PubNub gives you access to the raw data to build your own visualizations and charts.

Audience Analysis –

Correlate in-app events to geographic usage for app optimization.

Easy to Use –

Powerful yet straightforward dashboards are easy to understand and analyze.


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