Building a HIPAA-compliant App

eBook: So You’re Building a HIPAA-compliant App

Everything You Need to Know About Developing and Scaling a HIPAA-compliant App

Building apps is already challenging enough, even with the robust and powerful variety of APIs, services, and platforms available today. But there’s one intricacy, essential for healthcare, that is a completely different beast: HIPAA-compliance.

We’ve been hard at work building a HIPAA-compliant messaging infrastructure for the last half decade, and want to share our learnings with you. In this eBook we cover:

  • Healthcare Terminology
  • HIPAA and Why It Matters
  • How HIPAA Fits in Infrastructure and the Application Itself
  • Considerations for choosing the right vendors and technologies
  • BAAs (Business Associate Agreements)
  • PubNub & Healthcare

If you’re looking to, or already have, built a HIPAA-compliant app, this eBook is for you.

Thanks for downloading our eBook, we hope you find it useful!

To learn more about how PubNub can power your HIPAA-compliant app, check out our healthcare overview here.

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Building a HIPAA-compliant App