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Analyze, detect, and censor images for adult content, validation and format

Sightengine's image moderation API allows developers to moderate and filter user-generated photos for adult content, validation, and photo type.

The Sightengine block allows you to execute image moderation on your data streams in-motion. For example, if your app allows users to publish photos, you can analyze and filter them before they are published to end users, ideal for chat apps, user forums, social media aggregators, and more.


Nudity Detection block uses Sightengine API to get image nudity data, and adds it to the message.

For more details on Sightengine and getting your own API credentials, visit


Publish a JSON message containing image url on input channel. Input Channel: nudity-detection-channel

    "image" : "" 


Message with nudity detection data is received on same channel. Output Channel: nudity-detection-channel

    "image" : "",
    "nudity": {
        "result" : false,
        "confidence" : 81

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