PubNub Integrations

Integrate best-in-class third party services directly into your real-time app.
Alerts & Notifications

ClickSend SMS: Mobile and Web SMS

Send and receive SMS to mobile phone numbers
Alerts & Notifications

Infobip: SMS

Add SMS to your application with a simple block of code
Alerts & Notifications

PagerDuty: Incident Management and Alerts

Real-time alerting, on-call scheduling, and tracking for the entire...
Alerts & Notifications

User @mention Notification

Forward @username mentions to another channel
Alerts & Notifications

RingCentral: Offline Notifier

Notify offline chat users via SMS
Voice & Video

Xirsys Access Token API

A serverless API endpoint for securely providing TURN access to WebRTC...
Alerts & Notifications

SendGrid: Transactional Emails with Templates

Send transactional emails with your custom templates triggered by user...
Voice & Video

Vonage Voice and Video APIs–Fast, High-Quality A/V Calling

Simple, powerful voice calls and video chat.
Voice & Video

Agora Video & Voice Call APIs – High-Quality A/V Experiences

Powerful, reliable video for communal connections

Cloudinary: Image Manipulation

Manipulate, process, and transform image properties on the fly
IoT Messaging & Analytics

Falkonry AI: Machine Learning for Condition Identification

Automate and interpret data from industrial activity and IT processes
IoT Messaging & Analytics

Wia: IoT Messaging

Trigger device action and monitor state

AIception: Object Detection

Detect and identify an object based on an image file
Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly – Text-to-Speech

Turn text into lifelike speech using deep learning

Google Cloud Text-to-Speech

Text-to-speech conversion powered by machine learning.
Microsoft logo with colorful square design.

Text to Speech | Microsoft Azure

Convert text to lifelike speech for more natural interfaces.