Latest Feature Releases

DX Upgrade: Enhanced Portal Navigation
PubNub is happy to announce the release of an updated experience for the PubNub Administration Portal, the tool by which developers manage their usage of the realtime APIs. This update includes simplified navigation, the inclusion of breadcrumbs for faster access to related data as well as an improvement in user experience for those features that require an application or key selection. The roadmap is rich with more enhancements, both user experience and features. Stay tuned!
Platform Upgrade: Global Presence API
It is not all about the features! Recently we upgraded our Presence API, fully rolling it out globally. The result? 400% improvement in latency. We took an already fast API and made it even faster! From an average latency of 50 milliseconds to about 10 milliseconds. Awesome! With faster Presence capabilities, that means downstream customer application experiences are that much better!
New Feature Release: Presence Stream Filtering
Stream filtering is one of the more powerful features of PubNub messaging. It allows subscribers to fine tune exactly what types of messages they want to receive, based on message metadata. We've updated the capability to include the ability to filter on presence events. Click "Read More" to learn more! You also can learn more about Stream filtering here and here.
With Presence Stream Filtering, your realtime experiences can receive presence events - when people come on and off line - based on a query. If a user wants to be notified when users of a certain type or other characteristic appear or disappear from their channels, your code can create that query and ensure users are only receiving exactly what they want or need. For example, if, in the context of a chat application, let's say that a user just wanted to receive leave and join events from other users located in their same geo-region. As long as “geo” was part of the user’s state, in Presence, your chat application could create a stream filter with logic restricting the events to only those fitting this criterion.
Introducing Firebase Cloud Messaging Support
As Google has announced the deprecation of their “Google Cloud Messaging” (GCM) service, PubNub has switched over to that service's replacement: Firebase Cloud Messaging Service. There is no expected customer impact due to this change. Configuration of the PubNub Push API, to use the new Firebase Cloud Messaging Service, is still done through the PubNub Admin Dashboard and overall feature behavior remains the same.
New Feature Release: Message Counts API
We're excited to announce the release of our new API – Message Counts – enabling the retrieval of message counts, on a per channel basis, and using a single API call, of messages published to multiple channels after a specified timestamp (time-token). This API is available in our REST API platform as well as in the following SDKs: Objective-C, Swift, Java, JavaScript, Go, Unity, Python, PHP. See here for more information.
Unity v4 SDK

PubNub released a major new version of our Unity SDK. Check out information on upgrading to version 4 here:

ChatEngine BLOCKs for AWS Cognitive APIs - Polly, Translate and Comprehend

BLOCKS Catalog now includes BLOCKs that will help you build chat applications that can translate messages to different languages, detect the sentiment of these messages and even read these messages out loud! Read our tutorial on how to integrate these APIs here:

ChatEngine Tutorial Available for Angular

Build a fully-functioning chat app for web and mobile web using AngularJS and ChatEngine. Check out information from here:

ChatEngine Tutorial Available for Vue.js

Build a fully-featured Vue.js chat app using Vuex. Check out information from here:

Major Mobile Push Upgrades

PubNub now supports using the updated interface to the Apple notification service (APNS HTTP/2). We have fully implemented this new service as well as supporting several new features that it enables. You can now use tokens from your developer account instead of push certificates. This vastly simplifies the process of securing the connection - no more need to generate certificates, which is an error prone process. Simply specify your token using cut and paste.

This also provides the ability to send a single message to multiple different apps registered to your Apple developer account. The process to remove a device from the service when a user deletes an app from their device is now much faster, and several other benefits. It will be rolled out shortly to all users, but if you want to use it in the meantime please contact



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