EONMapMapChartEON Map SDK 3.6.0

<script src="https://pubnub.github.io/eon/v/eon/1.0.0/eon.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://pubnub.github.io/eon/v/eon/1.0.0/eon.css"/>
bower install eon-map --save
npm install eon-map --save

Check out our webpack example.

Call eon.map({}). Check out the table of options below for more information.

 Always set the UUID to uniquely identify the user or device that connects to PubNub. This UUID should be persisted, and should remain unchanged for the lifetime of the user or the device. Not setting the UUID can significantly impact your billing if your account uses the Monthly Active Users (MAUs) based pricing model, and can also lead to unexpected behavior if you have Presence enabled.
<div data-id='map'></div>
<script type="text/javascript">

let channel = 'pubnub-mapbox';

let pn = new PubNub({
	publishKey:   'YOUR_PUB_KEY', // replace with your own pub-key
	subscribeKey: 'YOUR_SUB_KEY'  // replace with your own sub-key

let map = eon.map({
	pubnub: pn,
	id: 'map',
	mbToken: 'pk.eyJ1IjoiaWFuamVubmluZ3MiLCJhIjoiZExwb0p5WSJ9.XLi48h-NOyJOCJuu1-h-Jg',
	mbId: 'ianjennings.l896mh2e',
	channels: [channel]