iOSiOSJavaScriptChatEnginePubNub ChatEngine iOS Framework v0.9.3

PubNub ChatEngine is a client-side framework for building chat applications. It reduces the time to build chat and provides essential components like typing indicators, online presence monitoring and event history. It also includes a hosted PubNub Function for access control and security.

ChatEngine is designed to be extensible and includes a plugin library to make adding new features simple.

  1. Create or update existing Podfile in your project root folder and add:

    pod 'CENChatEngine'
  2. Install required dependencies:

    pod install

Start by creating a PubNub account. Your account must be configured specifically for ChatEngine using the tool below.

Your account should now be configured. You can log into your PubNub Admin Portal to view your ChatEngine settings and continue with development.

In the portal, you will see that a ChatEngine application has been created with publish and subscribe keys. The application has the Presence, Storage & Playback, Functions and Access Manager features enabled, which are required for ChatEngine.

A PubNub Function has also been created which assists with securely accessing PubNub from a browser environment.