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Sift Ninja: Content Moderation and Filtering

Automatically analyze, moderate, and filter content for chat, gaming, web comments, and more
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About Sift Ninja: Content Moderation and Filtering

Sift Ninja is an API that integrates with chat, comments, gaming, and other social applications, and analyzes and filters text based on certain risk levels, and can then auto-moderate, hash out profane words, or mark as NSFW, all fully customizable.

The Sift Ninja block lets you build this functionality into your PubNub Data Streams, allowing you to monitor and filter unmoderated content as the data is streamed. For example, if you have a chat app or a public forum, you can automatically moderate and filter published messages before it reaches end users.

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Supply your SiftNinja account name (accountName), output channel name (channelName) and api key (apiKey)

Then, publish a message to the event script channel like:

    "text": "Hello, Ninja! This is a vulgar-severe phrase."

The text parameter is the contents of the message that will be checked for profanity and tagged by SiftNinja.

To learn more about SiftNinja and to get your keys, visit http://www.siftninja.com/pubnub/.


Publish message containing message body to input channel. Input Channel: siftninja-input
    "text": "Hello, Ninja! This is a vulgar-severe phrase."


SiftNinja's response is published on the output channel and includes the moderation results.
    "text": "Hello, Ninja! This is a vulgar-severe phrase.", 
    "sift_ninja": { 
        "hashes": [{ 
            "start": 0, 
            "hashes": [ ], 
            "hashed": "####" 
        "content_id": null, 
        "response": false, 
        "tags": { 
            "vulgar": 1,
            "bullying": null

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