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Basis for a chat bot.
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About Fortune Teller Chatbot

This block makes Zoltar, a simple fortune teller chat bot that will respond to a user's questions with a 'magic 8 ball' like response.

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Last Updated:
20160801 at 17:53:49
Ian Jennings


This bot responds to questions asked in the channel. First, an array of responses is defined at the top.

var responses = [
    'It is certain.',
    'It is decidedly so.',
    'Without a doubt.'

Then, the script checks to see if a question was asked by making sure a question mark (?) appears within the message.

If it does not exist, the bot asks the user to ask a question. If it does exist, the bot calculates a response using the question length. This ensures that the same question is met with the same answer.


An example message published by the client Input Channel: advice-channel
"Is PubNub Blocks the best thing ever?"


A message will be published on the same channel Output Channel: advice-channel
"It is decidedly so."