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Text-to-Speech Conversion Using IBM Watson and PubNub
We're witnessing the meteoric rise in natural language processing as the mainstream embraces the technology in tandem…
Introduction to Lexalytics and Functions
About This Webinar: In this webinar, you will gain a brief overview of how Lexalytics derives actionable…
  • 30 mins
Introduction to PagerDuty and Functions
About This Webinar: As the number of cloud-enabled applications grows exponentially, the efficient management of technical events…
  • 25 mins
Image Recognition On-the-Fly: Clarifai and PubNub
About This Webinar: Applications are consistently growing to be more intelligent as developers continue to include machine…
  • 70 mins
Building a Multilingual Translation App with PubNub ChatEngine and Microsoft Translator
In this tutorial, we use ChatEngine to build and deploy our chat app, then implement Translator enabling chat messages to be translated to any language on the fly in realtime.
Build a Chat App with Sentiment Analysis Using AWS Machine Learning Services
Follow this guide to build a ChatEngine demo app with sentiment analysis for all chat messages, powered by Amazon Comprehend and PubNub.

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