End-to-end AES Encryption

Our SDKs have built-in cryptographic libraries, allowing you to automatically encrypt your message payload with AES256. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a specification for the encryption of electronic data, used by many governments and high-security applications across the world.

Simply provide a cipher key when initializing your local PubNub object; the cipher key is symmetric, meaning the same key is used to encrypt and decrypt. Since the cipher key never leaves the client, the message will be encrypted client-side before being published onto the PubNub Data Stream Network, keeping your data and your key protected from any outside entity.

Encryption and decryption are seamless across all PubNub SDKs. For example, if you publish an encrypted message using the JavaScript SDK, subscribers using the iOS, Android, C, or any other SDK will immediately decrypt the received message.

These built-­in AES libraries are optional, however, and customer­ specific encryption can be used instead to encrypt the message body.

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