ChatEngine – Chat Framework

PubNub ChatEngine is an object-oriented event emitter based framework for building chat applications in Javascript. It encapsulates our best practices with some of the world’s largest chat deployments for brands like Yelp, Symphony, Pocket Gems, and Hubspot and reduces the time to build chat applications drastically and provides essential components out-of-the-box like typing indicators, online presence monitoring and message history out of the box.

ChatEngine gives you true programmability via its integration with PubNub Functions, the microservices infrastructure that adds compute capabilities to the PubNub Network. With PubNub Functions, you can program logic into the network to filter, transform, augment, and react to messages in realtime without server headaches. This powerful coupling makes your chat ecosystem intelligent.

How ChatEngine Works

The BLOCKS Catalog also offers a variety of pre-built integrations to popular chat APIs, including:

  • Message Moderation: Monitor and filter messages with SiftNinja.
  • Auto Translation Translate messages from any language to any language with IBM Watson NLP.
  • SMS and Email Trigger SMS, email, or push notifications with RingCentral.
  • Integrate chatbots with any chatbot provider or API like IBM Watson’s Conversation.

For further learning, please see:

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