Yahoo! Creates Interactive Second Screen App Using PubNub

Yahoo!7 is an internet portal providing email, online news, travel and retail services. One of Yahoo!7’s most popular services is Fango, a free iOS and Android second screen application that enables users to discuss and interact with TV programs on the Seven TV network.


iphone3_17b3rsm-17b3rsqThe app revolves around users checking into to different TV shows, and can access interactive features such as realtime polls, quizzes, and competitions. Additionally, they can interact with other Fango users with a live chat feature, and share through different social media channels.

For live competitions and events, Fango can feed into live programming and offer realtime polls and results, creating an immersive entertainment second screen experience.

Ensuring a Reliable Second Screen Experience

With thousands of users connected simultaneously, Fango needed a reliable and scalable data stream network to power the interactive features of their second screen application. With over 750 shows a week, a robust data stream network was essential.

As with any second screen application, speed of the interactive features is what makes them truly interactive. Fango implemented PubNub Data Streams to do just that, to ensure that messaging within their app had realtime speed. This sits at the front of building a realtime, immersive second screen experience for viewers.

PubNub powers all realtime functionality for interactive features in the application, including chat, social features, interactive quizzes and polls (with live updating results), as well as syncing content across the application. Additionally, PubNub syncs user awards like badges, points, and leadership in the application for live and recorded television events.

PubNub’s iOS and Android SDKs for mobile made development and PubNub integration easy for the Fango development team, significantly reducing development time and resources.

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