ViMi: A Computer-on-Phone

How ViMi empowers teams to work better together all from a smartphone

This is a guest post from Ido Amir, CEO of ViMi Technologies.

ViMi turns the smartphone into a computer, enabling businesses and teams to stay 100% connected and productive, also away from their desks. ViMi makes even the most complex communication tasks simple to perform right on the phone thanks to a revolutionary drag & drop user interface.

Consolidating communication, file storage, social and other websites into one seamless mobile environment, ViMi makes information fluid between apps, devices, and people, and allows new levels of performance and productivity.

Choosing PubNub to Power Collaboration

When it came to our messaging layer – we needed a reliable, scalable, secure and easy to maintain solution that will provide us with realtime connectivity between all platforms with zero dev-ops.

PubNub was the perfect solution for a number of reasons:

  • Super easy integration on all our platforms — Android, iOS, Javascript, and Java.
  • Proven level of reliability and scale with lightning-fast message delivery times.
  • Built-in encryption options.
  • A very rich set of features and capabilities that allowed us to add a lot of functionality (even things that we did not think of in advance).

And of course – great assistance and support in every aspect. From helping us debug issues, improve performance and bottlenecks, to assisting in the design of new features and how to implement their communication architecture.

ViMi started its product path relying greatly on a chat service, and building a whole world around it. Since there is nothing more important than reliability in messaging, we had to find a reliable partner, who would help us set up our messaging quickly and efficiently, support us when necessary, and provide impeccable quality.

We are happy to say we found all those qualities in PubNub, who are showing a highly professional approach, and no less important – love what they do, and care about their customers.

Here at ViMi, we are fans!

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