Builds Global Binary Options Trading Network Using PubNub Builds Global Binary Options Trading is the first binary options social trading network that enables traders to connect with other traders and copy their trades, all in realtime.

With full brokers API access, orders are sent directly from to individual brokers in realtime. The network includes a social interface where traders can share their signals, and copy or be copied by other traders.

Every Second Counts

As with any investment platform, speed and reliability is everything. The state of the market can change thousands of times per second across the Earth. With investment data changing by the millisecond, realtime delivery of price data is essential to connected traders.

But it’s not just delivering price data that requires realtime speed. On a platform where traders can connect and copy other traders, those connections and updates also need to be signaled and streamed in realtime, so traders can reliably copy trading signals.

As a result, needed an realtime messaging infrastructure to ensure fast and reliable delivery of trading information between their servers and client-side application. members directory realtime financial

Speed at Massive Scale

To build a realtime messaging layer for their platform, the development originally implemented an in-house built, open source polling method. The polling system would poll the servers every 3 seconds to request updates.

Though this worked in their development and testing phase, soon realized the option wouldn’t scale. Continuously polling the servers for thousands of connected users is a heavy burden on the backend infrastructure. Trade4Me didn’t have the resources to devote an entire team to building, maintaining, and scaling their backend realtime messaging infrastructure.

“It worked well at first, but we only had about ten clients at the time. When we started to grow to thousands, our servers really started to get over the edge. They were constantly crashing. We had to find another solution,” said Chris Tim, lead developer at

With thousands of traders simultaneously connected to the trading platform, needed to ensure scale and realtime speed 100% of the time. The team experimented with both PubNub and another commercial option, but found that the PubNub Data Stream Network was simpler to use, faster, and had a more robust, reliable network.

“We tried PubNub and another commercial option. After a month of trial, we picked PubNub based on how much better the API was. And we have been really happy since then. We’re really satisfied with the pricing, and have stayed happy for over two years now. It’s really great.” realtime financial data streams

Realtime Notifications

To reliably deliver realtime notifications to anywhere on Earth, implemented PubNub Pub/Sub Messaging. This enables the platform to send and receive realtime messages in under a ¼ second to connected traders. And in investing, that realtime pub/sub messaging is essential to both the experience and success of the traders.

“In any trading platform, timing is essential. It’s really important to have something as fast as possible to deliver and receive trading signals, especially when it’s notifications for traders. And that’s what PubNub brings us.”

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