CornerJob is Getting Blue Collar Workers Hired Using PubNub

CornerJob is Getting Blue Collar Workers Hired Using PubNub

Customer Overview

CornerJob is a location-based job recruitment app aiming to simplify the job-search process for blue collar workers. With CornerJob, employers can advertise jobs, shortlist prospects, and kick-off the interview process by chatting in-app with chosen candidates. Job seekers can easily search and apply for available work in their area with one click, and are guaranteed a response within 24 hours.

Real-time Chat Matters

When CornerJob began the development process, they knew chat would be critical in providing the interactivity they wanted between employers and candidates. However, the development team knew that feature-rich chat was very difficult to build from the ground up. They needed an easy-to-implement solution with little upfront costs to ensure it worked seamlessly, without wasting thousands of dollars and weeks of developer time in building infrastructure and real-time messaging.

Socket-Based Solutions

CornerJob conducted a thorough search of sockets-based, chat solution providers and saw a flood of positive reviews for PubNub. After testing out the free plan and watching it work perfectly, PubNub got the job. With PubNub, job seekers and employers on CornerJob can chat in real time and know whether they are a match. On top of that, CornerJob is testing out other PubNub features like read receipts and typing indicators to add even greater utility to the app.


PubNub was up and running in little more than a week.
Technically, we don’t have to worry about anything with PubNub -- servers, infrastructure...all these pain points that are usually associated with messaging are all taken care of by PubNub. Furthermore, PubNub works perfectly all the time, which is really unique. Our development team is focused on other parts of the app. Chat is a critical feature, but our app isn’t a messaging app. Our development team is focused on the app’s key purpose -- matching offers and candidates. The fact that we don’t have to worry about the chat component is great. PubNub has been amazing. Pablo del Vecchio CTO at CornerJob