Physician Attendant Provides HIPAA Compliant Messaging for the Healthcare Industry

Customer Overview

Keeping staff physicians and affiliated physicians informed has been a perennial challenge for healthcare organizations. For most healthcare organizations, care coordination within the hospital and with external partners is still done using pagers or phone calls. Providers today are looking at replacing these traditional methods of communication with more efficient and reliable solutions, namely realtime messaging. Some even resort to unsecure methods of communication such as SMS when no option for secure messaging is available.

ON Inc. developed Physician Attendant (PA) to address these challenges. Instead of relying on extant hospital network infrastructure, which introduces a single point of failure, PA uses PubNub’s HIPAA compliant Data Stream Network (DSN) for secure messaging and notifications. Using Physician Attendant, hospitals can keep doctors more informed without worrying about the risk of introducing unsecured solutions that do not carry HIPAA compliance.

The Infrastructure Challenge

ON Inc. knew they did not want to build, maintain, and scale their own messaging infrastructure, and neither do their clients – healthcare organizations need to focus their time and attention on patient care. During initial development, ON Inc. was implementing functionality using a competing realtime service, but upon further investigation, ON Inc. discovered the competing realtime platform was not HIPAA compliant. ON Inc. then sought out a HIPAA compliant messaging framework, and discovered PubNub.


Why PubNub?

After discovering PubNub, ON Inc. quickly began the work of migrating functionality to PubNub. Physician Attendant uses PubNub for secure messaging and notifications. “We were looking for a reliable HIPAA certified partner and came across PubNub through internet research. We are very happy with our decision to use the PubNub network for our application,” says Vik Patel, ON Inc. Director & COO. Through PubNub’s DSN, Physician Attendant enables physicians to efficiently and securely exchange patient data and communicate with one another and hospital clinical staff. Healthcare organizations can use the tool to improve care coordination and build a physician community by keeping staff physicians and affiliated / referring physicians informed.


Physician Attendant is a realtime, secure, and reliable messaging application, replacing the need for doctors to call, email, or get a hold of each other in person. Moving forward, developers can rest knowing PubNub is backed by a 99.999% uptime guarantee; healthcare organizations needn’t worry about maintaining infrastructure or of doctors resorting SMS or other unsecure methods out of frustration with the inefficient, traditional communication tools at their disposal.

ON Inc. recounts how their architects and development team were supported well by PubNub; Vik concludes “With our solution using PubNub, hospitals do not have to worry about installing-maintaining servers or security-compliance.

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