PubNub’s ease of use allowed us to quickly scale a very secure HIPAA-compliant chat solution used by doctors oces and patients today. Aaron Dack, CTO


Limited resources and a HIPAA-compliant product to build

Patient Pass needed to create a HIPAA-compliant chat application to facilitate secure and realtime chat between medical oces and patients to improve oce eciencies and patient response times. To create the best customer outcomes, they knew they had to commit time and resources to building the right chat product and not to building the infrastructure. To speed up development and minimize cost, they wanted the best way to mix building a chat application quickly while adhering to HIPAA regulatory compliance.


Using a chat framework to improve patient response times

Ultimately, Patient Pass valued time to market and serving their customer needs quickly. Instead of building chat from scratch, they chose to build on PubNub Chat. Even with few resources, they were able to accomplish their goals: to build chat quickly; to be HIPAA-compliant; and to have reliable backend infrastructure. On top of that, they enjoyed the freedom to customize and extend their capabilities beyond chat — the right mix between building in-house and buying a solution. For Patient Pass, PubNub Chat was just what the doctor ordered.

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