Next Tech Powers E-Learning Experience for Tomorrow’s Devs

PubNub immerses students in the curriculum with real-time connections to instructors and cohorts
Next Tech Powers E-Learning Experience for Tomorrow’s Devs

At a Glance

  • Maintain a focus on collaborative and low-barrier learning by eliminating platform frustrations

  • Reliable real-time engagement across students, teams, and instructors

  • Incredibly fast time-to-market with easy, do-it-yourself integration in just “a couple of days”

Next Tech Powers E-Learning Experience for Tomorrow’s Devs


Make online tech education as powerful as in-person with reliable, real-time collaboration

Next Tech wants to help individuals and enterprise teams gain in-demand developer skills quickly and easily. So they built an online environment where students could create and learn while accessing everything they need, right from their browser. But their collaboration infrastructure—built on Firebase and critical to instructor-led learning—struggled with uptime and speed. The result was a bad experience for students and instructors alike. Next Tech needed to find a more reliable way for instructors to engage with students. They tried Cloud Firestore, Action Cable, Pushpin, and Nchan, but quickly learned only PubNub could ace this tough assignment.


Use collaborative learning to keep students engaged in the coursework and connected with instructors

After struggling with speed and reliability issues on their Firebase-built collaboration platform, Next Tech had to find a better solution or risk losing frustrated students and instructors. Once they decided to move to PubNub, however, they were able to integrate it into their e-learning solution in just “a couple of days”. PubNub’s ease-of-use enabled them to do nearly all of the implementation entirely on their own. Now, students and instructors can easily discuss topics, teams can work together on projects, and everyone can focus on advancing their tech skills. With PubNub as their real-time collaboration infrastructure, Next Tech is at the head of the class for delivering tech education.