Mayhem Lets Gamers Build Leagues for Tighter Communities

Mayhem Lets Gamers Build Leagues for Tighter Communities

At a Glance

  • Engaging chat experience as the glue to build and connect an entire community

  • Scalability to support tens of thousands of simultaneous conversations

  • Free from incompatibilities and user limitations that held back their communities from growing

  • Developer confidence in their reliable and scalable architecture

Mayhem Lets Gamers Build Leagues for Tighter Communities
Real-time chat is crucial to setting up games and building relationships. PubNub's chat solution and tools allow our gamers to express their genuine selves with each other in a way that is fun for everyone.
Anhang Zhu, CTO


Bring players together through interactive gaming leagues customized across communities

Mayhem lets gaming communities build customized leagues that attract far-flung players. But they recognized chat was crucial for event setup and building the relationships that would keep players connected and coming back. For Mayhem’s developers, however, it meant giving tens of thousands of simultaneous players a reliable chat, real-time leaderboards, and push notifications. They were using Twilio, but its 1,000 user limit disrupted the player experience and a homegrown solution would be dicult to scale. One conversation with PubNub was the only connection they needed. It could scale to support their expected growth while meeting the engagement expectations their various communities demanded.


Building player connections on a reliable chat backbone

The limits of Mayhem’s existing Twilio implementation were a drag on the excitement, experience, and player relationships being built, which were core to their growth and brand. PubNub Chat lets players discuss, disagree, meme, and just be themselves in a way that’s fun for everyone and seamlessly integrates with their leagues, tournaments, and other events. The simple pricing, professional support, and superior architecture of PubNub Chat also gives them the confidence to grow. Now, Mayhem wants to increase their player base by 500% in the next year, and that’s a good call.