Hike Powers Realtime Ecommerce Point-of-Sale Platform With PubNub

Hike Powers Realtime Ecommerce Point-of-SaleHike is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) system that makes it easy to manage a business’s sales channels with a number of different customer-centric features, all on one platform. Compatible with iPad, PC, and Apple devices, Hike’s platform handles customer payments, inventory management, loyalty, retail reporting, and eCommerce.

Hiren Savjiyani is the VP Customer Success at Hike.

How does Hike use PubNub?

Hike POS uses PubNub to transport products, orders, inventory, user accounts and other business critical information between different devices and channels in realtime. This adds huge value in terms of realtime reporting, data accuracy and seamless transactions.

Hike POS uses PubNub to transport products

What challenges did Hike experience before implementing PubNub?

We allow vendors to use multiple devices for in-store transactions. With this, it is important that sales are processed through or a user added from one device is instantly available on other devices. If not, we could get wrong inventory, access grant issues and delayed order processing.

Prior to implementing PubNub we tried using data pull method with frequent API requests to achieve this. With frequent API calls, additional burden was added onto the server and each device was busier in processing those calls. Being quality-centric and mindful of data accuracy and load time, we knew that wouldn’t work for us.

We gave PubNub a try and it solved all of the issues at once:

  • The biggest benefit is that we are able to transmit data between devices in milliseconds without adding any additional load on our cloud server or client devices.
  • No more screen refresh or delayed data loads.
realtime POS software

Hike POS software on the all-in-one PowaPOS T-25.

Did you try to build the realtime infrastructure in-house?

We initially thought of developing and hosting our own socket technology-based solution. However, we were not sure if we wanted to devote any additional time and resources to something we do not consider our mainstream expertise. Around the same time we came across PubNub and it ticked all boxes from performance to pricing.

What can you do with PubNub that you couldn’t do before?

ipad point of saleThere are a number of things that are improved and became possible with PubNub. A few to mention are:

  • Stocks are updated across all devices almost instantaneously which solves the problem of overselling through multiple devices using PubNub Data Streams.
  • Storage & Playback allows us to have offline devices automatically sync with updated information when they reconnect to the network.
  • We can now provide bump screen to café and restaurant clients so they see order queue in realtime. No more docket printing in kitchen. This saves paper, money and the environment.
  • User accounts, products and everything else gets updated as soon as entry or changes are made.

How has PubNub made your life easier?

PubNub makes it easier in many ways, the same way it’s solved all those problems:

  • We do not have to manage a complex realtime infrastructure and yet enjoy all the benefits at a very reasonable cost.
  • Be able to relax knowing that there is a great customer support team working very hard to help you out if any questions or issues arise.
  • Regular updates and upgrades keep our development team happy.

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