PubNub: Private, On-Premise Deployment for In-QTel Customers

Apr 18, 2016
PubNub, the world’s leading Data Stream Network, today announced the delivery of a fully decoupled version of its data streaming technology for an on-premise deployment for In-Q-Tel, the strategic investor for the U.S. Intelligence Community. The project provides IQT’s customers the ability to host and manage a private version of PubNub's data streaming technology to enable secure, encrypted data streaming, receiving the same benefits of the PubNub Data Stream Network but deployed separately, on their own, disconnected, secure networks. “We’re excited to finally be able to announce the delivery of this enormous project both because of the hard work our team has put into making it happen and for the future opportunities it will create for PubNub,” said Todd Greene, CEO of PubNub. “PubNub places tremendous importance on data integrity and security, and creating private, hosted deployments of our technology is an extension of that commitment.” This standalone implementation serves as a proof of concept for future on-premise deployments of PubNub data streaming technology for companies and organizations with security mandates to host their data streams on their own networks. The PubNub Data Stream Network was designed for end-to-end security from the ground up, and includes strong AES encryption that requires clients to create, store, and manage their own encryption keys. This methodology ensures that no third-party (including PubNub) can decrypt or access data as it traverses the PubNub network. These techniques are now in use by industry leaders like Apple and Google. “PubNub’s data streaming technology will allow our clients to facilitate secure, real-time messaging for a range of applications at a truly global scale,” added George Hoyem, Partner, of In-Q-Tel. The full range of PubNub security features includes TLS and AES encryption standards, token-based access management, SSAE16 certified points of presence, and an “Enterprise-Ready” CloudTrust rating. For more information on PubNub, visit

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