@ Internet of Things Developer Conference

DateJune 5 - 6, 2018
locationSanta Clara Convention Center
Join PubNub at The Internet of Things Developers Conference.

IoT DevCon is designed specifically for IoT product developers and managers and decision-makers. The two-day focused conference delivers top industry keynote speakers, technical sessions and panel discussions from domain-specific to general techniques.

Come meet and hear how PubNub is the industry leading influencer as we present authoritative and trending perspectives on how IoT will affect business and product development. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to see how PubNub influences IoT technologies.

Meet with Us

Stop by the PubNub booth (#G-12), get some swag, enter our raffles and meet our amazing team. We’re also offering free architecture reviews to go over your real-time project. Schedule time to reserve your spot.

Arduino Micro-controllers and the Future of IoT WED JUN 6

Arduino Micro-controllers and the Future of IoT

In this session, Jordan Schuetz, Developer Relations Manager at PubNub, will demonstrate the powerful impact that Arduino micro-controllers can have on smart home devices. He'll also talk about how IoT devices are evolving in the current market space and how they are the future of electronics.

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