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    Here at PubNub we spoke with active webOS Entrepreneur Jordan Gensler about his success with his company’s webOS Checkers App which received 400,000 downloads since it launched.Jordan Gensler, CEO of Keen Studios is the man behind this success, powering applications with Real-time interactivity using PubNub APIs. Keen Studios was founded in Portland Oregon, a common place for tech these days.

    Keen Studios

    Jordan has been working with webOS’s Java Script since the first release of the webOS SDK. He has been developing websites from the age of 12 and is knowledgeable in C and C++ coding, as well as PHP, mySQL, SQLite and a few other random yet fun basic-style programing languages that nobody has heard of.

    The website of Keen Studios is, which will finally relaunch after the official Villo announcement.

    Keen Studios’ Checkers

    ebos pubnub checkers menu screen
    ebos pubnub checkers play screen

    Checkers has an updated launch menu (seen to the left) where players start out before playing a game. Begin a local game by touching the first menu item and pick a single player match with the computer’s AI or decide to play with a friend in two player mode.

    The second menu item connects you directly with eager to battle checkers gamers world wide. This will let you play games with your friends as well.

    The in-game screen is recognized as a checkered board with shiny red and black player pieces. Each player takes a turn by moving a single piece. Attack your opponent by jumping over her player pieces. Achieve victory after capturing all opponent’s player pieces.

    The online multi player aspect to Keen Studios’ Checker App will be released soon. However don’t wait for the update, we recommend downloading a copy today to get your strategy nailed down before competition gets hot. Checkers Pro costs the low price of $0.99 so start playing using your webOS Palm device by downloading Checkers App.

    Read more about Keen Studios’ plans for the future at webOS Developer Keen-Studios talks up Checkers 2 and webOS development and App Spotlight: Checkers Pro & Keen Studios.

    webOS with PubNub Messaging

    ebos pubnub demo app chat screen

    Chat is included with Checkers allowing players to communicate directly while playing in multi player mode with friends or anybody else gaming on the cloud. Two multi player game modes are available in Checkers 2 Pro: Challenge and Automatch.

    With Automatch you will be connected directly with a random player opponent.

    Challenge mode allows you to select from a list of players currently online. Read further about the multi player plans while Keen Studios connects us to our friends with multi player webOS games. Keen Studios’ games will take advantage of the latest PubNub 3.0 API for Real-time capabilities. They plan to release each game with multiplayer for all of their webOS games.


    HP webOS Developer Day New York

    OS Developer Day New York 2010The webOS Developers event in New York will span two days this week on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th. During the Event, Jordan Gensler’s fellow developer Geoff Gauchet,, will be speaking about PubNub! Also a member of a partner company to Keen Studios, webOS World, will be attending the event, and showing Real-time technology and Keen Studios Games to interested developers first-hand.

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