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    api notebook javascript rest apiWhen you’re doing repetitive things, you want to have a place to save them, and you want to be able to easily share them. You need a way to create tutorials and examples with runnable code samples.

    That’s where API Notebook comes in.

    What is API Notebook?

    The API Notebook is a web-based, persistent, JavaScript scripting workspace that enables the live exploration of APIs, testing APIs, and working through use cases. The notebook auto-generates an API client by pointing it to the API’s RAML description.

    API Notebook enables developers to create interactive API examples, runnable JavaScript snippets, and is embedded anywhere. You can create scripts and it automatically saves them as Gists in GitHub, so they’re forkable and shareable. They’re also a great example of literate programming.

    In the talk below, API Notebook creator Uri Sarid, current CTO at MuleSoft discusses API Notebook and its basic capabilities. He also gives an introduction to RAML, a simple way to describe a REST API. He is co-author of the RAML specification, a YAML-based language to describe practically-RESTful APIs.

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