React Native for Android Chat App Template (Includes Backend!)

As chat users come to expect more features and a richer user experience, building compelling chat apps continues to become more and more challenging, especially as the world grows increasingly mobile.

React Native provides a great framework for delivering native mobile apps, in this case for Android, through a JavaScript library. React Native focuses on the view portion of your app, in other words, how your app looks based on inputted data. And it lets you rapidly build beautiful, interactive UIs for your mobile apps.

React Native + ChatEngine = Android Chat Template

Like PubNub itself, we want ChatEngine to work everywhere. It supports all the major JavaScript frameworks (Vue, Angular, React, the works…), and mobile native compatibility is on the way. But we know that React Native is also ever growing in popularity, so we want to support that as well.

And with our React Native support, we’re pleased to release our new Guide to Mobile Chat for Android with React Native. In it, we’ll walk you through:

ChatEngine takes care of all the backend infrastructure (running on the PubNub network), so no server woes for you. You can just focus on adding the innovative features your users desire.


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