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    Late last year, PubNub partnered with the Twitter Fabric team to make it easy for Fabric developers to build and scale realtime mobile applications.

    Today, we’re happy to announce that PubNub’s Global Data Stream Network is fully available on the Twitter Fabric platform!

    Fabric developers can now leverage the power of PubNub’s Data Stream Network alongside other Fabric partner SDKs to develop and scale realtime apps without the overhead of building and maintaining backend infrastructure.

    “Realtime access to information has become a required user experience for all mobile apps,” said Jonathan Zazove, Product Manager at Twitter. “This is why we are so excited to add the PubNub SDK to the growing Fabric toolset. Using PubNub Data Streams on Fabric allows app developers to publish, subscribe and notify customers with only few lines of code.”

    With PubNub, Fabric developers can easily create chat applications, multi-party collaboration apps, multiplayer games, location tracking features, live data visualizations and more.

    To learn more, go to: Twitter Fabric page.



    Twitter is hosting a meetup tonight (January 26) in San Francisco at PubNub’s HQ. PubnNub will talk about how to build and scale realtime iOS and Android apps on Fabric and Fastlane will cover how to automate developer tasks. Hope you can join us! Doors open at 6:00pm. For more info, go to:

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