Joe Hanson
Senior Content Strategist, PubNub

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    You can only fit so many desks in a given space before you have to start stacking them on top of each other. When looking to accommodate the rapidly growing PubNub team, stacking employees turned out to be unfeasible, so we needed another option. To give everyone a little more room to breathe, PubNub doubled our office space at the current location. The new section has quickly taken on the nickname “The PubNub Annex”.


    The increased elbow room is one perk of the new space, but the fastest Data Stream Network on earth needs some cool racing stripes too!  Check out the time lapse of a small part of the new paint job below:


    In addition, the new office space overlooks the heavily congested 17th and Mississippi intersection. When we’re not working on the PubNub Data Stream Network, were watching 18 wheelers try to maneuver around tight corners while avoiding fork lifts and pedestrians. Sometimes they’re even successful!

    To say the least, everyone’s happier with the new space. Not to mention we have plenty of room to continue to add new desks (and new people). No stacking required.


    From Brick and mortar to Bits and Bytes

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    From Brick and mortar to Bits and Bytes

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