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    Todd Greene, PubNub Co-Founder and CEO, talks with Rob Woodbridge of This is Todd’s second appearance on and together he and Rob discuss entrepreneurship, the growing demand for real-time applications and the importance of a Data Stream Network.

    Here is a quick reference of what was covered in the show.

    1. What is PubNub 2:10
    2. What are real time applications 2:40
    3. How are you selling this very broad service offering 4:30
    4. What are the implications of real time applications 6:10
    5. Why has it been easy to sell PubNub services 11:20
    6. Who are you selling to? Who is your customer? 13:20
    7. Are your customers mostly new products or existing products 14:30
    8. How are social television apps using PubNub? 16:25
    9. What happened with Loyalize 18:40
    10. Why sell Loyalize to Viggle? 20:30
    11. Why you shouldn’t say no to an acquisition conversation 23:35
    12. How did you balance between the two companies? 25:45
    13. Was the version of PubNub you re-joined different than the one your started 4 years back? 28:40
    14. What is your vision for PubNub – will you become a consumer brand? 30:35
    15. Where did the name come from? 32:40
    16. How did you manage raising money for PubNub at the same time selling Loyalize? 33:50
    17. How much activity flows through PubNub 34:45
    18. How do you not get into other businesses and remain true to your vision? 38:30
    19. Why should companies look at PubNub to bring real-time computing into their applications 39:40
    20. What should app developers focus on? Stagent case study 44:20
    21. Does this limit innovation or support it 46:25
    22. How did you land your first customers 50:10
    23. Is there anything you would have done differently with PubNub? 51:30

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