New ChatEngine Plugin: Open Graph for Rich Objects

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Our ChatEngine plugin library, a collection of pre-built, customizable features you can easily integrate into your ChatEngine app, continues to grow. This week, we’re pleased to announce our newest – Open Graph Rich Objects.

What are Rich Objects?

Rich objects are a feature of chat apps you didn’t know you loved until you use a chat app that doesn’t have them. In a nutshell, Open Graph unfurls URLs sent in chat messages into more interactive pieces of media.

Some examples include:

  • A link to a blog or news article showing the image, headline, description, and date published.
  • A YouTube link opening up the video player.
  • A Google Maps link automatically opens the full map (with directions)
  • A Giphy link opens and automatically plays the .gif
  • A Spotify link opening up a player window allowing users to play/stop/skip songs.


Benefits of Rich Objects

Retaining user engagement is a key benefit of implementing rich objects. Simply put, they keep your users active in the chat feed – allowing them to interact with the shared content directly in the messaging feed. Rather than navigating to YouTube or Spotify, all interaction takes place on the chat app.

This is especially important as chat apps grow in functionality. In what was once simple 1:1 and group chat, businesses are doing more with the chat feed. eCommerce companies will deploy shopping assistant chatbots who can post rich media to help shoppers make decisions, and once an order has been placed, they can send order information, like delivery status or live maps, embedded in a chat feed. In what once took multiple apps, the functionality can now be brought in a better, more interactive way directly in the app.

Another benefit is increasing the click-through-rate of content in the chat feed. Standalone URLs vs. enriched URLs with imagery and lucrative copy standout and drive clicks and traffic.

Getting Started with the Open Graph Plugin

Implementing ChatEngine plugins is easy!

  1. Configure your ChatEngine application in the ChatEngine Quickstart Tutorial. It’ll show you how to build a simple web chat app. If you’ve already done this, or have an existing ChatEngine app, move on to Step 2.
  2. Head over to our full tutorial on integrating rich objects with Open Graph into your chat app.

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