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on Feb 22, 2015
In this talk, Karolina Szczur defines what the open source community really is, a group of individuals contributing and sharing to push the web forward.

forwardjs logo open source communityAt the Foward 2 web technology summit from ForwardJS, we saw a wide-variety of great talks from thought leaders in forward-looking JavaScript and front-end technologies. As with other great developer conferences, talks have an overarching theme of the power of community, and how sharing software continues to drive the web forward.

Defining the Open Source Community

Karolina Szczur takes a step back and looks at the roots, fundamentals, and where the notion of sharing software comes from. In her “State of the Community,” Szczur approaches open source from the perspective of community. 

The smaller tribes, made up of different communities, whether it be front-end, backend, or Internet of Things, all intersect with one another, all the time.

Open source was built on the premise of collaboration, and was spurred by the willingness of sharing and contributing to the whole. In the talk below, Szczur defines the developer community, and the importance of collaboration to continue to push the web foward.

About Karolina Szczur

Karolina Szczur is a designer, developer, and photographer. A strong believer in open source, she contributes to various Open Source projects, writes and runs CSS Conf Oakland. She also owns a cat and an excessive amount of books on typography.

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