Joe Hanson
Senior Content Strategist, PubNub

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    Endurance was the name of the game at last week’s ProgrammableWeb APIcon Hackathon. Participants had 18 hours to build an application using the many APIs available to them, including PubNub, Evernote, Wit.AI, and Eagle Eye.

    The below video shows demos from two teams that used PubNub in their apps:

    3rd Eye – 1st Prize

    We’re very excited that PubNub was integrated into 3rd Eye, who took 1st place at this year’s hackathon. 3rd Eye, built by Adarsh Uppula and Sreejumon KP, is a security alert system for connected homes and offices. 3rd Eye is triggered when a camera detects movement near a certain location. The app then sends a text or alert to a smart device with a screen capture from the camera, and stores a history of all actions by the door. Users can then interact with the person at the door using speech-to-text chat features, all in under a 1/4 second.

    APIcon 2014

    3rd Eye used PubNub for all the routing and realtime data streams in their application. This insures low latent delivery of messages throughout the app (and makes sure your message to the mailman to leave the parcel at the door actually goes through).


    Timbre is your personal, automated note taker. Harnessing the power of WebRTC, the app listens to conversations in a meeting, turns that speech to text, and acts on specific discussions triggered by key phrases (such as “assign action item” sending meeting notes to somebody.)

    Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 11.06.41 AM

    Timbre used the PubNub WebRTC SDK to create a peer-to-peer connection for audio. With PubNub and WebRTC, audio delivery is low latency, and messages are transferred in under a 1/4 second. After the audio is transferred through WebRTC and PubNub, Wit.AI transcribes the audio into notes and parses for actionable phrases.

    Hackathon Resources

    PubNub is 100% free for evangelists and hackathon participants. We have over 70+ PubNub SDKs, from JavaScript, to wearables, to Raspberry Pi, so there’s always something for your project. Also, check out our In Action page for ideas on the thousands of ways you can add realtime functionality to your app.

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