Jordan Schuetz
Developer Advocate, MuleSoft

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    Since the early days of PubNub, we’ve seen a vast number of amazing developer apps and projects of all shapes and sizes built with our technology. One of the delights of Developer Relations is having the opportunity to explore and share them with our community. Whether it’s a realtime, music-driven art display, a Raspberry Pi hackathon project, or an interactive beer tap monitor, we love hearing about and seeing the fun and innovative projects created with PubNub.

    PubNub empowers developers to create realtime applications in just a few lines of code, which streamlines development and allows developers of all skill levels to make robust, realtime applications. After seeing the overwhelming support in our developer community, the Developer Relations team wanted to offer an official medium for these passionate developers to showcase their work to our large community of developers.

    The PubNub Ambassador Program is an excellent opportunity for developers to grow their professional brand through meetups, events, and their content.


    In order to join the PubNub Ambassador program, there are a few requirements:

    • You’re 18 years or older
    • You’ve built something cool using the PubNub API
    • You’re an active meetup attendee
    • You’re interested in writing developer content and speaking on technical topics
    • You’re passionate about building interesting projects and want to share them with the community


    Joining the PubNub Ambassador program enables you to unlock the following rewards:

    • Exclusive PubNub swag and gear
    • Access to a powerful network of PubNub Ambassadors around the world
    • Sponsorship of local developer meetups (that you host!)
    • Opportunities to be sponsored at your next talk at industry events that cover PubNub
    • Get featured on our PubNub blog and weekly newsletter to a community of over 200,000 tech enthusiasts
    • For students: potential for an onsite internship and a great opportunity to grow your professional résumé

    Worry not! You won’t be alone in this process. Our Developer Relations team is here to work with you every step of the way. Joining the program gives you access to training with PubNub staff and expe on best practices with our APIs and the freedom to create developer content for our developer community.  When you create content for us, we will promote your work to our 20k+ Twitter followers and YouTube subscribers.

    For the San Francisco locals, we will give you exclusive access to our PubNub event space to host your next large meetup. Furthermore, you will have exclusive access to new projects and initiatives we are working on here at PubNub.

    Become an Ambassador

    Visit the PubNub Ambassador Program homepage and fill out the application including your personal GitHub URL and a short description of why you want to join the program.

    Our team will review you application shortly, and once approved you will be invited to our private Slack community. Through the community, you will have the ability to request funding for local meetup events in which we will sponsor your food costs for the event  All you have to do is go out and preach the PubNub message of why PubNub is a great platform to build realtime applications.

    The PubNub Ambassador Program is a great opportunity to grow in the Developer Relations field to see if it’s a potential career path you’d like to consider.  Sound good? Sign up today, we’re excited to meet you.


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