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    PubNub is excited to announce that we have completely redesigned our developer portal to make it easier for you to manage your account and access all of the features that PubNub has to offer. We’ve worked to improve navigation, allow easy access to contact and billing information and, most importantly, to allow you to manage your account by adding features or upgrading to different levels of service. If you haven’t seen the new portal yet, why don’t you jump on over and take a look.

    PubNub Portal overview

    Updated Navigation

    First and foremost we wanted to make it easy to navigate in the new site. We created a new menu to quickly select between your various apps and keys. This same menu allows you to edit the display names for apps and keys.

    App menu

    We’ve also added a single dropdown menu to manage all account information such as contact name, billing details and email.

    Account menu

    Feature Management

    PubNub has some fantastic features like PubNub Mobile Push Notifications and Channel Presence. And now we’ve made it easy for you to take them for a test drive. You can now add any of our features from the main page of the portal by simply clicking the Add button. Go ahead, give them a try.

    Feature add

    You can also now upgrade your account from a Sandbox account to any Go Cloud tier simply by clicking the Upgrade button in the key info box.

    account upgrade

    Invoice History

    Using the new user account navigation menu, you can select Invoice Information to retrieve any historical billing records for your account. This will show billing information for all keys associated with your account. We are working to display current month usage and billing in a later release.

    invoice menu

    We hope you like the new site and, as always, feel free to give us your feedback. You can contact us at

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