WebRTC SDK Now Available on PubNub for Video/Voice

With PubNub’s new WebRTC SDK, WebRTC applications can now leverage the PubNub Data Stream Network. The API expands our ever-growing list of PubNub supported SDKs, and WebRTC developers can now integrate the PubNub Data Stream Network to produce fully-featured collaborative applications.

PubNub WebRTC SDKThe PubNub WebRTC API performs signaling between your users to allow them to connect with a RTCPeerConnection. From there you can use the PubNub API to enhance your peer application with features such as Presence and History

We’ve already developed a couple demos to show real-time collaboration and file sharing between friends:

Want to start building your own WebRTC applications? Enhance them with PubNub. Visit the GitHub Repository, and we’ll get you started.

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