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    This is Part One of our two part series on setting up APNS with PubNub from start to finish. This part will exclusively cover the Apple-specific steps. Part Two will build on the steps covered here to configure your application to use PubNub with APNS. Additionally, you can check out the series overview here, as well as the Github Repository.

    Setting up APNS with Apple

    Before setting up Apple Push Notifications with PubNub, there are a couple steps Apple-specific steps you’ll have to complete first. In the two demo videos below, we’ll walk you through creating the App ID and PEM Certificate File, and then, the provisioning file.

    Setting up APNS with Apple

    In Video One below, we’ll navigate around the Apple Developer Portal, first registering an App ID and setting up Apple Push. Then we’ll create the certificate for APNS.

    1 Creating the App ID and PEM Cert File from PubNub Video on Vimeo.

    In Video Two, we’ll create our provisioning profile.

    2 Create the Provisioning Profile from PubNub Video on Vimeo.

    That’s it! In our next installment, we’ll show you how to setup APNS with PubNub using these prerequisite steps.

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