Announcing Today At Fluent Conference: 3 New Features

We’ve been hard at work building new features to make our awesome users’ lives easier. We’re excited to announce some of these new tools today.

Real-Time Analytics

Want a real-time view into the current activity of your app? You asked for it, and we listened. Now you have access to a second-by-second breakdown of all the publishes and subscribes your apps are making. This feature is available to all our users right now- you can access it by logging into your account and clicking the “Real-Time Analytics” button.

Larger Message Size

Our maximum message size has previously been 1.8 kilobytes – a single datagram. Today, we’re announcing an opt-in beta feature which increases this maximum data size. That means that if you’re doing a lot of client-side chunking, you’ll be able to send fewer messages. If you’d like us to turn this feature on for you, get in touch with us ASAP.


30-Day Message History

If you’re in need of message history on a per-channel basis, look no further. You’ve previously been able to get up to 100 historic messages via our History API, but today we’re announcing an opt-in beta for up to 30 full days of history. This will gives you lightning-fast access to your message history anytime. If you’d like to be a beta tester for this feature, shoot us an email.

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